Maremma Park and Marina di Alberese

The first regional park to be established and recognized by the European Community, Maremma Park covers 10,000 hectares, both wild and farmed, from Principina a Mare to Talamone, encompassing all the region’s ecosystems and home to wild animals such as foxes, wild boars, porcupines and roe deer, but also horses and cattle, which represent the spirit of this region. Twenty-five kilometres of hills descend towards sandy beaches and cliffs plunge into crystal clear waters, surrounded by pine forests, pastureland and marshes. The best-known access point to Marina di Alberese beach is located just a short distance from Agriturismo Al Vermigliano and is easily accessible by bike, bus (the stop is 1.2 km from the hotel) or car. However, private cars are subject to hourly parking charges and there are a limited number of spaces. Ask reception for a discount code to get 50% off parking in Marina di Alberese.